Prowling Jaguars, Funhouse Mirrors, and Magic Shows

June 19, 2010 was a beautiful day for the Eye Spy opening!  Though I sadly couldn’t take anywhere near as many photos as I would have liked (the perils of being programming specialist!), here are a few highlights from the day that I did capture:

Before the museum opens, chalk artist Mike Macaulay wins some new fans as he creates a ‘teaser’ image for his anamorphic drawing inside.

All day, his jungle grows out of the floor and into the Atrium…

And elsewhere in the Atrium, magician Mike Bent entertains the crowds as others make funny faces in the warped mirrors and draw their portraits reflected in spoons.

Though their presentations were too light-sensitive for photography, artists Rufus Butler Seder and ron labbe also had full-house crowds for their discussions of the magic of motion in art and 3D photography.  Check out the Eye Spy page (linked at the top of this post) to see a video of ron labbe in his studio, discussing how he got into the world of 3D imaging.

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