Happy First Day of the Month of Thoth

The month of Thoth in the ancient Egyptian calendar marks the beginning of a new year.  Seeing as the beginning of the school year has always felt like the true ‘new year’ to me, and I’ve always rather liked old ibis-headed Thoth, god of knowledge, it seemed like a good day to celebrate.

In the spirit of school, and knowledge, and ancient Egypt, I thought I’d share some of my favorite resources for all things Nile:

The Giza Archives Project — Hosted by Boston’s MFA, this is an incredible resource based on Reisner’s excavation notes and records from the years he spent at Giza.  I got to work on this project in college briefly and it was a great experience.  (Not to mention a really fun excuse to wander the bowels of the MFA.  Cool stuff down there!)

Archaeology Games for Kids — Recommended games and activities collected by a teacher which span not only Egyptian but other early cultures and myths including Greek and Roman.

Ancient Egypt — A comprehensive guide put together by the British Museum, the navigation could use a little work but the information’s great.

Hieroglyphs — Everything from an explanation of the alphabet to understanding Eye of Horus fractions, with downloadable guides, fonts, and worksheets (some free, some for payment).

Do you have any Egyptian resources to recommend?  Let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

4 thoughts on “Happy First Day of the Month of Thoth

    • I thought so! He’s one of my favorites. Though there’s one version of the Egyptian pantheon that credits a goddess with inventing writing. I wish I could remember her name.


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