Brain Popcorn Reboot

It’s a gray, gloomy Friday, but my spirits are up for any number of reasons, chief among them my joy at coming back to Brain Popcorn with fresh inspiration and some new plans for the rest of 2012.  (Some of my New Year’s Resolutions take longer to kick in than others, sorry about that!)

Starting now Brain Popcorn will be back to its once/week posting format, but with added exhibit, book, & article reviews and conference reports as well as the usual interdisciplinary activity roundups.  Keep an eye out for commentary on next week’s NAEA (National Art Educators Association) conference in NYC, and reviews on whatever museums I manage to eke out a visit to while there.  I’ve also been collecting bunches of awesome blogs and artists that I’m looking forward to getting to tell you all about.

And for now, to cheer up your damp Friday afternoon and mine, a charming chain reaction video from those folks I love over at The Tinkering Studio Blog.

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