Another reason to love November

Is it just too long until National Poetry Month for you?  It certainly is for me–which is why it’s awesome that November is  Family Literacy Month.

The central idea behind Family Literacy Month is that parents and other adult role models are keystones to their children’s habits of, attitudes toward, and grasp of reading.  If you’re looking for some fun ways to incorporate literacy activities into your day, here are a few places to get started:

Credit to cx1uk

For ages 3-5: 31 Days of Reading (though personally I think older kids would enjoy some of these too!)

For all ages:
The Massachusetts Libraries’ page on Family Literacy Month, with a link to events occurring at local libraries and information on the Boston Children’s Museum event later this month.

The National Center for Family Literacy; they’ve got an interesting collection of research and resources for educators on working with parents and children.

Even more research and resources from the Massachusetts Family Literacy Consortium.

And because I cannot include links to all that dry information without some other fun places to start playing with words:

Wordle: creating pictures with words (ala the image above in this post)

Word Games by Merriam Webster Online

Read aloud the colors the words are written in, not the words themselves.

The Stroop Effect, at Neuroscience for Kids: trick your brain–how easy is it to read a color when the word says something else?

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