Creative Spaces: Historic Literary Sites

Last week I attended a great gathering of literary historical sites from around New England. As the official representative for the New England Museum Association, I was glad to offer possible ways we could help this highly motivated and energizing group get the results they’re hoping for. (After all, a number of the organizations represented are already NEMA members!)

On a personal level, as a writer and a fan of literary travel, it was inspiring to spend a day with people who love literary history as much as I do. (More on that later over on Sea Dreams and Time Machines!)

Meanwhile, Jill’s written up a great summary of the day, which I share with you here.

Jill Dwiggins

“It’s about time we did this.”

This was the general consensus at the Creative Spaces symposium for literary house museums this week, hosted by the Emily Dickinson Museum. Representatives from New England’s historic literary sites met to talk about authors and place, finances, collections, and audience building. So is it “about time?” Maybe so; if nothing else historic literary houses could use the solidarity. But last Monday was about so much more. Here’s a short overview of the day, with the help of your live-tweets!

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