Programs the PEM Is Offering at the MPF

Jackie and I had a great conversation last week about upcoming programs at PEM for the Poetry Festival, and she put together a lovely write-up! Many thanks to her for asking such interesting questions, too. My favorites were “What value does the experience of visualization bring to a poet’s sensibilities?” and “What value does fun lend to creativity?”

Mass Poetry

Meg Winikates Meg Winikates

The Massachusetts Poetry Festival will have programs for many interests and for the whole family. What better person to create or run many of those versatile programs than someone who calls her own creativity blog “Brain Popcorn.” Meg Winikates, a poet as well as the Art & Nature Programs Coordinator at the Peabody Essex Museum, describes creativity this way:

Have you ever had an idea, which reminded you of something you learned in high school, which reminded you of a movie you saw recently, which reminded you of the last trip you took, which reminded you of your oldest friend, which reminded you of a book you’ve been meaning to read? That’s brain popcorn.

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