New Year, New Job, New Adventures!

I have exciting news to share with you all as a kickstart to 2010!  As of tomorrow, January 11th, I will be the new Program Specialist at the Peabody Essex Museum’s Art and Nature Center!

At the Art and Nature Center

PEM's Art and Nature Center, photo by }{enry (click for link)

I’m really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and delving into a new set of skills and stories to learn, and bringing my hands-on experience to developing new programming and helping to design exhibit interactives and discovery boxes for the gallery space itself.

The Art and Nature Center at PEM does a huge amount of interdisciplinary education, working with contemporary artists to create year-long exhibitions which incorporate art, science, history, and culture.  The current exhibition (up until late May)  is called Trash Menagerie, and focuses on works of art depicting animals and other life on Earth using recycled materials.  (Check out the online exhibit interactive here, which provides a world-wide look at what artists, communities, and governments are doing with green-inspired art!)

And, in celebration of my new gig, I bring you a mini concert by the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra:

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Job, New Adventures!

  1. Congrats – the current exhibit is great fun – I work in Boston’s South End and some of the artists represented exhibit at galleries there. So great to see their work getting more exposure at PEM. Can’t wait to see the programs you develop – it’s a wonderful place for kids and adults alike!


  2. Thanks, John and KM! I’m thrilled to be getting a chance to work with such a dynamic museum staff and arts community. I’ve been lucky all my career so far, working with amazing people, and it looks like PEM will be no exception!


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