Not Just Another Hot Air Popper

hot air popcorn popperWhat is “Brain Popcorn?”

Have you ever had an idea, which reminded you of something you learned in high school, which reminded you of a movie you saw recently, which reminded you of the last trip you took, which reminded you of your oldest friend, which reminded you of a book you’ve been meaning to read?

This is Brain Popcorn.

Have you ever listened to a piece of music, and discovered that it was written at a certain time period that is the same historical era as one of your favorite books, and that the characters in the book, the historical figures of the time, and you could all be listening to the same notes?

This is Brain Popcorn.

Have you ever heard a story on the news that made you go to their website, which led you to a link on a related topic, which spoke to one of your favorite causes or hobbies, which inspired you to pick up a new activity or share it with others?

This is Brain Popcorn.

Brain Popcorn is the successive sparking of ideas, weaving of connections, and resulting understanding and excitement of seeing little pieces of the world connect for you in a whole new way.

So what’s this all about, anyway?

This blog is a place for museum educators, teachers, and anyone who’s interested in barreling through life in an interdisciplinary fashion.  It’s a place for me to share some of my favorite projects and programs from my work at a hands-on science and children’s museum, and a place to gather idea-generators.

Got something fun to share on any topic?  Feel free to *pop* right in.

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